We assist our customers with achieving commercial benefits through measurement, design and execution of great customer experiences. We work with proven methods and together with you, we develop solutions that specifically suit your organisation. And we will stay until it works.

Through measurement, design and execution of great customer experiences, we help our customers to achieve commercial benefits such as higher customer retention, increased customer lifetime value, larger share of wallet, customer growth and reduced cost to serve.

Our Method

At Customer Agency, we are determined to help companies become more customer centric. Our documented processes and tools comprise a six-step model that leads companies efficiently through the various stages of customer orientation development.

Six Steps to Success

Customer Readiness Assessment


Step 1 identifies internal potential and barriers to provide a great customer experience. We aim to understand the specific organisation's readiness among leaders and employees to achieve insight into internal barriers and opportunities for improvement.


Customer Journey Mapping


Step 2 maps the customer journey, providing a visual overview of the various phases customers go through when engaging with your company. We capture the total customer experience across all touchpoints on the customer journey.


Customer Journey Analysis


In step 3, we identify key touchpoints and emotional parameters required to deliver great customer experiences.


Prioritize Experiences to Deliver


Step 4 involves prioritising the most important actions that will generate the greatest effect on the total customer experience.


Concretize Actions


In step 5, we define the work procedures and ensure the practical execution of initiatives that enhance the customer experience.


Monitor and further develop


Finally, step 6 includes monitoring the effect and adjustment of the initiatives essential for a consistently great customer experience. Here, we ensure that the execution strategy helps to realise commercial benefits.


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