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Over the past two years, Lindab has become more professional in its focus on customer experiences. Not least via the ongoing project ‘Lindab Listens’, which is a comprehensive annual customer experience survey. The result is a wide range of customer-centric initiatives. And increased employee pride!


Lindab is an international Group that creates healthy indoor climates and sustainable buildings with solutions for ventilation and building components. Lindab operates in 32 countries, has approx. 5,000 employees, and the Group delivers to commercial buildings in particular. The Danish company’s work on strengthening customer satisfaction and customer experiences is in extension of the Group’s core tradition. Lindab started up in Lidhult and Båstad, Southern Sweden, where professionalism, customer relations and elbow grease were top priority. Now, the customer survey has added more self-confidence and reinforced Lindab’s targeted work on reaching a high ranking on the list of Denmark’s Best Workplaces.

Theory and down-to-earth sparring

“Our success is based on customer trust. We work constantly to create a customer-oriented culture in our approach to and understanding of customers,” says Sales Region Manager WE, Mette Brøndum from Lindab’s Danish headquarters in Haderslev. She initiated the current clearer focus on customers with a request for the marketing manager.

“Mette asked me to take a closer look at the customer surveys at the consulting company Customer Agency,” explains Heino Juhl. “Naturally, we feared that the consultants were not sufficiently down to earth and were too theoretical, but they have remained at eye-level with us very well. And they have added both theory and methods that have given us a boost, and sparring has been both down-to-earth and useful.”

People are more important than websites

The collaboration began with mapping customer touchpoints towards Lindab seen from the outside-in. The survey was then based on these touchpoints. Many other consultants spoke almost exclusively about digital touchpoints, but Customer Agency’s approach was more complete and well synchronised with Lindab’s existing marketing to e.g. DIY stores and craftspeople, according to the marketing manager.

“One of the first ‘Aha!’ experiences with ‘Lindab Listens’ was that the DIY stores place most emphasis on personal relations with our employees. They emphasise personal contact higher than information from our website or other digital touchpoints,” says Heino Juhl.

Better data and concrete initiatives

‘Lindab Listens’ gives a variety of more methodical data to work with than earlier. For many years, Lindab has investigated customer satisfaction in a more traditional manner. From large business customers, Lindab now receives responses from various types of employees in different departments, and this provides the scope for working very methodically with sales and relations.

“We receive many good ideas from the consultants at Customer Agency. They immerse themselves in our market and our business, while also learning a lot from analysing the customers’ responses. We receive more good ideas than we can manage to implement,” says the marketing manager.

One example is that Lindab is now also developing the digital consulting linked to its ventilation solutions. Here, the customers are often specialists who are using the configuration solution from Lindab to compose the right choice of ventilation system. The survey showed that customers want to be able to transfer data directly to Lindab’s webshop.

Lindab has chosen to engage the consultants from Customer Agency to assist with follow-up activities. A range of short sparring meetings with the management helps keep the activities on track.

“If, at the management meeting, we decide to work with five activities, we must acknowledge that we often turn into the daily operational tasks when the meeting ends. Here, continuous follow-up is very important for making sure the activities are implemented in practice,” says Heino Juhl.

Red, yellow and green

Customer loyalty is generally divided into red, yellow and green responses to the many subquestions. At Lindab, most are green but Lindab may not address the red areas immediately. Often, working more on areas where the responses are already yellow or green is more important.

“In a peripheral area, we can live with customers not being entirely satisfied. We make conscious decisions and allocate resources where they really mean something to our customers. We do not believe in pleasing customers with smiles and gifts. We would rather be a good partner with parameters that are vital for creating value for our customers,” he says.

Boost in profitability

Lindab has discovered the importance of prioritising the initiative, carrying it out and communicating the change to the customers. The marketing manager makes no attempt to conceal that it all boils down to creating a better business. The company provides both a reasonable profit and has a very high Net Promoter Score, which highlights high customer satisfaction. ‘Lindab Listens’ reveals a direct link between satisfaction and earnings.

“We can see that the most satisfied customers also buy most. We therefore work in a goal-directed way to enhance the customer experience among the less satisfied customers so we can obtain the corresponding boost in profitability and turnover.”

“Customer Agency helps us to estimate our share of customers’ purchases in a given area, and naturally, we work on maximising our share-of-wallet,” says Heino Juhl.

Secure with Lindab

What does it actually mean when customers respond that they “feel secure with Lindab”? It is a feeling but Lindab’s goal-directed work on customer experiences has created an awareness that everyone’s efforts in all functions impact on customers feeling secure with Lindab.

“It is a feeling. But there is also a commercial aspect to it. We must be trustworthy and show every day that we are there for our customers,” the marketing manager says. He believes there is plenty of potential for improvement, and that in the future, Lindab can gain more from analysing the data collected.

Lindab keeps listening!

The first comprehensive customer survey related to ‘Lindab Listens’ showed that our customers think we perform far better than we believe we do ourselves,” says Marketing Manager Heino Juhl from Lindab. “That was surprising and very positive for us. It could be linked to our tendency in-house to focus on problems and on critical matters. Now the management has gained more focus on recognising employees, and our in-house self-confidence and pride has grown. When conducting such a survey, we also have a range of ‘Aha!’ experiences, and this leads to activities that can improve our business and increase our customer satisfaction.
— Heino Juhl, Marketing Manager, Lindab

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